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9MMP GLOCK G48 PISTOL Stainless Steel slide


The G48 is only about an inch wide, same as the G42, G43, and even the new G43X pistols. All of these similarities make for interesting mix-and-match options. If you currently own a Glock 43 and Glock 48 yet find yourself with a burning desire to own the new G43X you’re in luck. Mate the G48’s frame with the G43’s slide and you’ve got one.

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With the new year come two interesting additions to GLOCK’s already extensive pistol lineup – namely the G43X and the G48, both chambered in 9x19mm (9 Luger). GLOCK has a longstanding policy of not dropping new products on the market just to make the news or without a thorough analysis of customers’ need and demands. The G43X and the G48 make no exception: the new pistols were designed primarily for concealed carrying


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