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Mauser MO3 Alpine Std


Mauser MO3 Alpine Std

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The M 03 Alpine is a prime example of traditional authentic style appearance of Mauser hunting rifles. Particularly attractive is the silhouette of the Alpine-shaft: lighter pork chops and Bavarian double fold in connection with the indicated pistol grip and the noble molded drip edge on the forearm. High quality walnut wood wood grade 5 is selected from the Mauser-shaft bearing. The forend is particularly slim and is, just like the pistol grip, finished by Ebony. With the impressive finely cut checkering design of the M 03 Alpine is replaced by the “finishing touches”.

Subtle hog-back and double fold Bavarian cheekpiece
Slight pistol grip and elegant drip point fore-end
Special figured walnut grade 2-3
Fine cut checkering