It has been long overdue.      We spent considerable time and effort trying to solve our big challenge with the internet.     And after almost a year, we think we are there.

Today marks the launch of our new web site.    Our first priority was to give our customers something that will work on your phone, your tablet and whatever else you are using.   Our second priority was to enable all of our stock items on the web.   So whether you live in Pofadder or Pretoria, you will now be able to visit us virtually or in person and have access to the same items.

We are also integrating our communications with you and taking a massive stride into the world of the internet of everything.  Not only will our shop be online and now be updated almost every second, we will also be integrating our facebook page, our newsletters and our correspondence with you in a much more joined up, seamless way.

Our regular monthly articles will be back.   On our new look web site.    Our monthly product features and special offers will be available to you and you will have more choice in how we engage with you.

Obviously we are human, and not everything will be 100% on day 1.     So please help us.   Let us know ( where something is not working 100% and we will fix it.

To start with we are launching our 2016 festive campaign today – on our new look web site.   Download it (see banner on the home screen) and let us know if we can help with any of the items on offer.


Zimbi groete